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Rest in Peace, My Friend

The day of Tony Snow’s hiring at the White House was electric. To call him a “rock star” was an understatement. He brought substance to every meeting he was in and every subject he covered. He was unwaveringly conservative at the principals table, but like all good servants of the government and the president, when a decision was made, he fell in line and became an advocate for the president, not for Tony Snow. It isn’t hard to conclude that he was one of the best presidential press secretaries of all time, if not the best.

But what struck me most about him was his ceaseless optimism. Even when he was leaving his post, when his prognosis could not have been good, he was always in good cheer with his colleagues. He had a smile that lit up a room and could put a friend at ease in an instant, even when that sense of unease was brought about by concern for his illness. When he left, he likely knew that he had a short time left to provide for his family, but the smile never died, and it hasn’t today either. He was always touched to know that friends and those he didn’t even know were praying for him. I still am, friend. God bless you and your family, Tony. RIP.

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