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Restoring Science to Its Rightful Place

How convenient that just after the inauguration, we discover that Antarctica has been warming after all? Or has it?  How did the climate scientists discover this? Well, they literally made the data up (in scientific terms “used satellite data and mathematical formulas to fill in missing information”). As noted global warming alarmist, Kevin Trenberth, says of this study, “I have to say I remain somewhat skeptical. It is hard to make data where none exist.”  Moreover, even if Antarctica has been warming since the 1950s–and there is no way to know for sure–this study shows it has been cooling since the 1990s.

More on this from Chris Horner over on Planet Gore, Marc Morano at the Senate EPW minority staff, and Roger Pielke Jr., who notes how just about anything is “consistent with” global warming.


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