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Coming Media Discoveries

Watch closely.

Beginning as early as today, but definitely by January 20, 2017, the mainstream media will discover a  host of problems, dangers, failures, troubles, mistakes, and catastrophes that somehow escaped  their attention, or were considered unimportant, during the  last eight years under Obama. For example,

When jobs numbers come out, nothing less than 250,000 full-time jobs will be considered ”strong.”

A 4.9 percent unemployment rate will be considered almost as  disastrous as  the 4.2  percent rate under Bush in 2006.

“Real” unemployment will be adjusted once again by the labor force participation rate and will be found to be 9.5 percent, not 4.9 percent.

Crises in the Middle East  will be  attributed to American bellicosity and maladroit U.S. policy.

When Iran acquires a nuclear weapon, it will be because of then-current foreign policy failures.

 Adding even twelve cents to the current $20 trillion national debt will be “unpatriotic” and a fiscal catastrophe in the making. 

The worst race relations in 50 years will have commenced with, and will  be due to, Republican control of the White House and Congress.

 Public outrage over health insurance will have commenced with, and will be due to, Republican failure to fix the health care system. Last year.

We will learn that 13 million more people than in, oh, 2008, have instantly descended into poverty.

Anything less than 3 percent growth in any quarter will be due to abysmal administration failures.

The Justice Department will be found to have been horribly politicized. By Republicans.

There will be alarm over the derogation of the rule of law.

The ranks of racists, sexists, homophobes, xenophobes, and bigots of every stripe will have swelled tenfold.

 Actual instances of government incompetence will be uncovered after eight years of astonishing bureaucratic perfection.

Welcome back mainstream media. Your eight -year vacation from reality is over.


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