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The Return of Jeanne Shaheen

I mourn the loss of my senator, John Sununu. I didn’t agree with him on everything but I agreed with him on a lot more than I do with Susan Collins and a lot of the other survivors in the GOP caucus. The enduring popularity of Jeanne Shaheen in New Hampshire is mystifying to me. As a governor, she ducked and dodged and equivocated. My favorite radio commercial of this entire campaign was one an old-fashioned attack ad mocking her “hypocrisy” for denouncing Sununu’s closeness to Bush. They’d found various clips from a few years back of Governor Shaheen declaring “I stand with President Bush” and ended the ad with an endless loop of her repeating “I stand with President Bush I stand with President Bush I stand with President Bush I stand with President Bush…” At least, in nosediving off the top of Mount Washington, the NH GOP gave us a laugh on the way down.

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