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Return of The King Clarification

In my Return of the King Review, I wrote that Aliens was superior to Alien. Somehow in the editing process that got changed to “Alien Resurrection” is better than its predecessors — or something like that. I’ve gotten piles of email rightly chastising me for such heresy. I agree: Alien IV was drek standing on the shoulders of drek. I don’t how the error was made, but I guarantee you it happened after the ones and zeros left Cabo San Lucas. Fortunately, someone alerted Kathryn to what must have been sabotage and now all reference to the Aliens series has been purged. I normally don’t call attention to such things considering what heroic work the staff at NRO do just keeping the profanities and odd doodles out of my prose, let alone the constant spelling and grammatical mistakes. But I want to be clear for everyone out there. Thanks.


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