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Revealing Video of Occupy Oakland Violence

Following up on my earlier post about the Occupy Oakland violence, you can find a clear and graphic video of at least some of the violence at this link. The key video is the one at the bottom, from “TomVeeTV.” It covers the “Anti-Capitalism” march, and includes a fair amount of window-breaking at local businesses and the attack on Whole Foods, although not the fires or the clashes with police.

While you can certainly see efforts by some demonstrators to restrain the violence, it’s obvious that many other demonstrators support the vandalism. You can tell this by the general cheers from at least a good part of the crowd when the violence erupts. At the end, you’ll also hear a protester explicitly justifying the window-breaking in reply to the anti-violence contingent. It seems pretty clear from this that support for violence goes beyond the masked protesters, although just as clearly there is a contingent opposed to violence (if only for tactical reasons). The movement is split on the use of violence, but the split evidently goes beyond a mere fringe.

Anyway, judge for yourself.


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