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As those of us  familiar with Pet Sematary will know, when something much loved comes back from the dead, it doesn’t always work out so well. I posted back in March  last year about the end of a much-loved Manhattan bar. Now a new place has opened on the same premises. It has part of the old place’s name and some of its décor, but, judging by this review on Bloomberg News  all is not well with Bill’s:

Our hopes were never high for this revamp, which seems to be striving to replicate celebrity hangouts like Nello or Harry Cipriani, where high prices act as a cover charge to keep out the plebeians. Shrimp cocktail ($18) should be listed on the menu as seafood jerky, for the strenuous mastication required to consume these crustaceans….

We’re inured to rising costs at New York restaurants. But there’s something particularly dispiriting about Crown Group turning a storied Midtown bar into a spot as exorbitant in its prices as it is in its mediocrity.

The reviewer concludes with the answers to the six “Bloomberg questions” (price and so on) including these:

Sound Level: Silent upstairs when it’s justifiably empty.

Date Place: Breakup place.

Oh dear.


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