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Revenge of The Sith

OK, saw the darn thing — someone had to take the 9-yr-old. It is

incredibly awful. Neither straightforward, honest black hats/white hats

space opera, nor movified version of decent one-good-idea sci-fi short story

a la “Alien.” Just a horrid mess of part-digested theme fragments from

Julius Caesar to Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde, kitted out with over-the-top FX,

impossible to follow (Where are we now?), not an original thought in the

whole thing, and pretentious as all get out. The 9-yr-old loved it. I

really must pay more attention to his education.

I can’t see the point of light sabers. Wouldn’t a regular saber do just as

well? If you have a light saber and I have my SIG 9mm, don’t I… have the

edge on you, actually? (According to the movie: Yes, sometimes. Several

Jedi knights got shot by guards wielding projectile-firing weapons. But

then, other Jedi knights from an assault by hundreds of same. Huh? What

happened to ray guns, anyway? And how come a transgalactic civilization

hasn’t developed the epidural? Etc., etc., et bloody ectera.))


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