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Revenue Enhancers

Hey Nancy Pelosi: You want new politics? You want to increase taxpayer compliance? Well, here’s an idea for ya. Release the eunuchs!

DANCING and singing eunuchs are knocking on doors in the Indian city of Patna in a bid to embarrass shopkeepers into paying their taxes.

The shock strategy, in which sari-clad and heavily made up eunuchs accompany officials on their rounds of crowded shopping areas in a country notorious for tax evasion and non-payment, has been declared a success.

“Some paid in cash, while others quickly wrote checks. The shock therapy, which we plan to use sparingly, was a grand success,” Atul Prasad, a top official in impoverished Bihar state, of which Patna is the capital, said.

The novel tax-collection technique kicked off last week with boisterous eunuchs loudly demanding that mortified shopkeepers pay up – to the bemusement of scores of onlookers.

Taxmen pocketed 425,000 rupees ($12,484) from defaulters in a few hours. 

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