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Reverend Wright Ads Running in Michigan

527 group Freedom’s Defense Fund is running this ad featuring Reverend Wright in Macomb county in Michigan, essentially suburban Detroit. With Detroit mayor and enthusiastic Obama endorsee Kwame Kilpatrick headed to jail (Freedom’s Defense Fund’s ad on Obama and Kwame is just below the Rev. Wright ad on the same page), and a very unpopular Democratic governor in Jennifer Granholm, the state is surprisingly vulnerable to being poached by McCain — though Obama still has a narrow lead. Essentially no Democrat can win statewide with out carrying heavily Democratic Wayne County (Detroit) and at least one of the two surrounding counties — Macomb and Oakland, so Republicans are making their play there. Both counties are basically ground zero for Reagan Democrats, so it’s entirely withing reach to swing both counties to the G.O.P.

For more on the state of the race in Michigan, Freddoso has a great article on NRO today with more details.

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