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Review Gushes Over Florence King’S Stet, Damnit!

Colby Cosh gives our revered Misanthrope’s heralded collection a boffo review in The American Spectator. Here’s a nugget:

All that really needs to be said of STET, Damnit! is to reiterate that it contains the complete “Misanthrope’s Corner,” and, hence, is a required purchase. It is a tour de force, a book to be saved for the grandkids. You will find, once you own it, that it is a particularly useful chronicle of the Boy Clinton years, though it is a bit surprising in retrospect how little fun King actually had at his particular expense. One would have thought Clinton was exactly the yeasty sort of material for which her scalpel had been whetted, and occasionally it flashes: “I knew there was something familiar about Bill Clinton. The moment Paula Jones said ‘hotel’ and ‘convention’ my youth came back to me. The Prez reminds me of the Man on the Plane, the ubiquitous middle-aged businessman with husband written all over him who lives for out-of-town flings.”

King rules! You can read the complete review here.

STET Damnit! The Misanthrope’s Corner, 1991 to 2002 (complete, unabridged, uproarious!) is available only through National Review. If you haven’t already ordered your own copy of this tremendous book (it makes a wonderful gift for that fellow curmudgeon), you can do so, securely, here.


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