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“Revolutionary Defeatism”

Andrew, it’s sticking to principle. I think you and me both do it in our different ways. I, personally, can’t spend the next months supporting someone every time he reminds me why I never wanted him to be the nominee. That’s not what I do — what we do. Criticism is always going to be there. He’s John McCain. Very many of us are not and will never be McCainiacs.

But I tell you, there’s a war going on that I want to win, and that does and will make a difference to me. Maybe in a special way because of think of Barbara Olson and Thomas Doerflinger and Steven Vincent and so many other people I know or whose families I know who have been lost to this war that was not of our choosing.

But that doesn’t mean we can’t and shouldn’t remind the Republican nominee we’re here. He wants our support and I want his support. It seems like we should be able to work something out without a leopard changing his spots.


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