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Rewarding Lawbreaking

Ramesh: I think you (or Jonah’s corresponent, or possibly both) are on thin

ice here. “One other point Jonah’s correspondent makes is unquestionably

true: It would be silly to object to the legalization of previously illegal

acts on the ground that legalization would ‘reward law-breaking….’” I do

not believe that anyone — not even George W. Bush — is proposing total

repeal of the laws against entering our country illegally, along the lines

of the repeal of Prohibition, so that what was once illegal now becomes

perfectly legal. So far as I know, entering our country without permission

or approved documentation will continue to be illegal. I don’t think anyone

has suggested otherwise. (Although, reading some of the

anti-”anti-immigration” commentary that is beginning to show up, I would not

be very surprised if someone soon DID.)

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