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‘Rich Jews Threaten Obama’

When you write about Norway, you have to write about anti-Semitism — such a shame. It seems as common as natural beauty, this human ugliness does. I have written on the topic. So has Manfred Gerstenfeld, a Viennese-born Israeli scholar. His latest article is here.

This morning, I learned something from Tom Gross, that expert on the Middle Eastern media, and other media. Aftenposten is the biggest, most important paper in Norway — the New York Times of Norway. And would you like to know one of its choice headlines? “Rich Jews Threaten Obama.” The point of the article was that, in the wake of the president’s recent statements on Israel, Jewish Americans may withhold campaign donations from him.

“Rich Jews Threaten Obama.” That would have been your headline too, right?

The worst thing about this episode, to me, is that Aftenposten changed its headline, online, after some reader complaints. I like anti-Semitism to be proud and open; the weaselly variety is annoying, and, of course, harder to deal with.

And, look, Aftenposten need not worry. As I’ve said a thousand times, Obama could bomb Tel Aviv, or mandate the eating of pork, and American Jews would still vote for him in overwhelming numbers. Europeans who get cross at the Jews should remember that, and relax.


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