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Richard Cohen on Neocon ‘Shiksa Madness’

Richard Cohen writes:

The lady from Alaska is a phony. She has sold out for money, quitting office so that she could cash in. She asserted her small-town bona fides, her antipathy both to the establishment and the mainstream media — and then got herself a ghostwriter, a booking agent and a (Fox News) network contract. She is rich, famous for the metaphorical 15 minutes Andy Warhol allotted us all and, elbows swinging, is forging her way to oblivion. She was neither a threat (the left) nor an opportunity (the right), but just a fantasy — until the American people turned the lights on.

It’s as though no one in Washington has a ghostwriter! Alaska didn’t exactly invent the concept. 

Cohen writes that “It’s possible that Sarah Palin’s best quality is that she has none at all.” 

Or maybe, simply, she was the governor of our most remote state, who’s been given an opportunity and is trying to make the best of it for her family, for some causes, for her country.

Meanwhile, the Washington Post seems to have a quota for hyper-anti-Palinized editorial pages. Another check mark for this week there. 

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