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Richards Cont’d

From a longtime (black) reader:

Why doesn’t it mean he is a racist? Why does everyone believe his apology, especially one that only came after there was video of the incident and it was spreading- damaging his “career”? He didn’t simply call him a nigger in a fit of rage which would also be an indiction of a racist- to go for that particular insult as opposed to calling him a a$$hole (but necessarily proof), but he went on an extended tirade mentioning how whites could lynch us 50 years ago with impunity and that this kind of abuse was “what you get when you interrupt a white man”. I and my black friends who read the corner understand and have come to anticipate your colleague’s rush to defend or down play this type of crap, but you should know better. Its not the end of the world, we don’t need any more useless calls for national reconciliation between blacks and whites, but you don’t need to defend Kramer or move the topic quickly away from Michael Richard’s apparent race issues— there are so many other things a comedian or any person could have said to insult or demean a heckler- that he went HARD for racist comments, recalling lynching and white supremacy, is a pretty good indication that if he isn’t a racist, he plays one on TV (and plays it really well).

feel free to post, as I would be disappoint to see all the corner writers spend any part of the day defending or downplaying this or being stupid enough to think that in America with this nation’s history, white associations are nearly similar to minority associations, remember the context, the history of race relations in this country. Tell Derb, There is a reason when people hear white pride, people who aren’t white become afraid for their lives and property, whereas black/hispanic/asian pride doesn’t invoke such fears, maybe diversity/multiculturalism, grievances, and other things but not fear, such pride is usually a reminder to such groups its OK to be proud (not ashamed) to be a member of such groups, since the dominant ethnic group in this nation spent a few centuries making everyone else believe otherwise.

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