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Rick Santorum’s Phone Is Cold

National Review Online hears from reliable sources that the former Pennsylvania senator is ready to help Romney, but since the pair huddled in Pittsburgh last month, he has not been asked to become an active surrogate.

A few weeks ago, Santorum recorded a couple short web videos for Romney, and he has agreed to share his extensive mailing list. But beyond that, the senator hasn’t heard much from Boston, and he is not being vetted for veep.

Santorum, who has not released his delegates, is also unsure about his role at the Republican National Convention in Tampa. He assumes he will be speaking, but he does not know when, or whether he’ll be guaranteed a “primetime” slot.

As Santorum waits for a call, he’ll travel to Iowa. Santorum announced a mid-July trip to the Hawkeye State earlier today, which includes two days of meetings. But those events will be to meet his supporters — not to stump for the GOP nominee.


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