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Rick’s New Book

Listen to Brookhiser on his new book here. Read my Q&A here. An example from the latter:

LOPEZ: What do you miss most about Bill Buckley?  


BROOKHISER: His delight. It was like birds in the morning. You felt new in its presence.  

LOPEZ: What are the most important writing, political, and personal lessons WFB taught you? 


BROOKHISER: Writing: Swing for the fences. Why not? We don’t remember the cautious because we never read them in the first place. 


Politics: Do the right thing, even if all liberalism disagrees, or all conservatism. The risk of independence is that you will be wrong, but the only way never to be wrong is never to think or decide. 


Personal: Be generous. Bill was a self-oriented, even narcissistic man, but one of the ways he expressed himself was by showering favors on others. This is a hard one for me.  


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