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Another e-mail:

K-Lo (I hope you don’t mind the informality as I feel as if I know you thru the Corner!):

Just got back from the Chicago Tea Party in Daley Plaza.…Beautiful day here and a decent turnout for a weekday afternoon. I would say between 2-3k in attendance. 

The crowd was fired up (chants of U-S-A and such) and the only anger on display was from party crasher dressed in hospital scrubs and holding a sign reading “Arrest Bush.” Most people tried to ignore him or yelled “Bush is gone” in his direction, but this guy was intent on instigating something so he pushed into the middle of the crowd and yelled over the speakers.…I was fairly close to the action and overheard many Tea Partiers shouting “It’s a trap” and “Don’t fall for it,” as they continued to ignore the man. Finally a few of Chicago’s finest came by and escorted him away before he could cause any more trouble. I saw your post earlier about reporting in with tales from events held today and thought I would oblige.

And from Enid, Oklahoma:


We will be attending the local tea party in Enid, Oklahoma…home of Vance Air Force Base!

I recently moved to Oklahoma with husband, an Air Force officer who is going through Pilot Training here. A Tea Party in conservative Oklahoma probably won’t make the list of contentious or important tea parties, but I like to think that this little town and its Tea Party supports the larger cause just by existing, even though it’s not especially controversial.  

I had many preconceived notions about moving to Oklahoma…finally I would be surrounded by people that mostly agree with me! I was wrong; this town will set you straight if you think that conservatives are constantly engaged in groupthink and don’t do any serious introspection. You’d assume that local political activism in these parts would be peaceful, boring even, but more than anywhere else I’ve lived there is constant debate, engagement, and serious discussion of conservative values. I look forward to participating in lively talks with local tea partiers today! This town and its support of the military has been amazing – for many here whether you support the military has nothing to do with your ideological leanings, it is just the right thing to do. Everyone here recognizes the common sacrifice and shared goals of the military in protecting our country and its freedoms, and they leave politics and current events out of it. How simple and refreshing!

My husband and I graduated from college last year (we’re young’uns, I know!), and we had come to accept that when you’re in college and you’re conservative, you live in a world where people just don’t see eye to eye with you. National Review kept me sane all of those years, and once I graduate from law school and my husband gains a few ranks we will make up for all of those web-a-thons donations we missed while we were poor undergrads!


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