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Getting lots of mail accusing me of RINOism. Why is it that people who support Newt believe they are backing the more conservative candidate? Where is the evidence that Gingrich is more conservative than Romney? Gingrich has supported embryonic stem cell research, Medicare Part D, global warming legislation, Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae, an industrial policy, amnesty for some illegal immigrants, and ethanol subsidies, among many other apostasies. True, he has also changed (and changed back) some of those views. But does harranguing the press really count for so much?

Romney is not a solid conservative either. But unlike Newt Gingrich, who would drag the Republican party to defeat across the board, he has been moving consistently to the right for the better part of a decade and he doesn’t repel independents. 

My guess, and I admit it’s only that, is that Romney would prove a far more conservative president than people imagine if he were to be elected. But, in supporting him, I’m faithful to the Buckley Rule. You can have your Newtist colonies on the moon.


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