The Corner


Last night, the floor statements by disappointed supporters of the Grand Compromise must have had any tourists present think they had stumbled into a wake.  Although they vowed that this bill would be brought up again and it still appears that it enjoys the support of a majority of the Senate, the lopsided procedural vote looks like a fatal blow.  The hope was for quick action because even just eight days of debate revealed the bill’s indefensible provisions and allowed enough time for its critics to craft awkward amendments that put its defenders on the spot.  The ordeal was hard and unpleasant, so not the kind of task senators relish.  The unselfconscious self-praise for all their arduous efforts is testament to what passes for tough work in the Senate.  I wonder whether the speeches were carried on Armed Forces TV.   I think it will difficult to build up steam again and the bill has lost the advantage of a short, orchestrated consideration.   I hope I’m right this time.