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From the Boston Globe piece on First Lt. Bacevich:

Katy Bacevich, 22, one of the soldier’s three sisters, recalled her brother as a born leader who answered a calling to serve his country. Andrew Bacevich joined the Army in July 2004 and had been stationed in Iraq since October with the Third Brigade Combat Team, First Cavalry Division.

“He felt it was an important thing to do, regardless of the war that was going on,” she said. Despite her father’s strong feelings about the conflict, Katy Bacevich said, “he never would discourage my brother from doing what he wanted to do.”

The family moved to Walpole in 1998 from the Maryland suburbs of Washington, D.C., she said.

A former military comrade of the elder Bacevich was shaken by the news yesterday.

Retired Major General William Nash served with Bacevich, also known as Skip, in Kuwait. “Service to country was obviously a family trait,” Nash said. “Skip was a great role model for young officers.”

God bless the Bacevich family. You don’t have to agree with all the conclusions Andy has come to to respect and admire him for his honesty and service and sacrifices. It’s with heavy hearts that we pray for this grieving American family.

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