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The Rise of Rand Paul

In conversations with Romney sources about the VP stakes and related matters, I’m hearing the usual names: Portman, Pawlenty, and Ryan. All three are seen as top campaign surrogates. But one surprising name was added to the mix by a couple of Romney advisers: Senator Rand Paul. Inside Romney world, the Kentucky freshman’s stock is rising. He’s certainly not a leading veep contender — he has not been asked for paperwork — but he is a valued ally. Within weeks, Paul will hit the trail for Romney. Rallies and other public events are in the works.

Paul is also slated, I’m told, to speak at the Republican National Convention. “We speak to them and are going to be helping them more as we go forward,” says one aide close to Paul. “Rand will do some surrogate work for him soon.” Paul’s father, presidential candidate Ron Paul, will reportedly wait until the convention to officially end his campaign, which continues to win delegates at state conventions.


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