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Rival Warlords Battle For Power in Blairistan

Tony Blair’s Northern Ireland policy — which has been, in essence, to hand

over the keys of the store to Republican terrorists — blew up in his face

last week, when elections were held to the Northern Ireland Assembly. This

assembly is a “power-sharing” legislature established as part of the 1998

Good Friday agreement, but suspended last year after Sinn Fein, the

hard-line Republican party (“the IRA in suits,” as people in Ulster say

pretty freely) was found to have been running a spy ring in the executive

offices of Northern Ireland’s administration. Well, Tony Blair has been

determined to get “power-sharing” back on track, notwithstanding the fact

that Sinn Fein / IRA has made no real move towards demilitarization, as

required by the 1998 agreement. Blair accordingly arranged last week’s

election, and made a point of telling Ulster Unionists not to vote for Ian

Paisley’s Democratic Unionist Party, which refuses to talk to SF/IRA until

some real demilitarization has taken place. The Unionist voters of Ulster,

who regard Blair, with much justification, as being determined to sell them

out to their enemies, poked their collective finger in his eye, giving the

DUP 30 seats against the more moderate UUP’s 27. At the same time,

Republican voters abandoned their own moderate party, the SDLP, for SF/IRA,

the seats here going 18 to 24. So: the Northern Ireland assembly now

breaks 54-45 hardline-moderate. It is still suspended, and likely to remain

so for a long time. The province is being ruled directly from London. The

IRA terrorists will put up with this for a while, then start letting off

bombs again to (as the saying goes) “push the peace process forward.”

Whoever is in charge of the British government at that point will cook up

some new formula to give the terrorists more of what they want in return for

some token concessions. The Unionists will grudgingly go along; the

Republicans will fail to deliver what they promised; the Unionists will

withdraw their support; and so on to the end of time… Or until the whole

wretched island converts to Islam–there are already mosques in all big

Irish towns. Dublin has at least four.


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