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RNC Candidate’s Firm Sought Stimulus Funds

Reince Priebus, a candidate for chair of the Republican National Committee, worked at a law firm that helped clients seek stimulus funds. In 2009, Priebus’s firm, Michael Best & Friedrich LLP, created a “Stimulus Legislation Team” — of which Priebus was listed as a member — that promised clients to “identify opportunities, prepare appropriate proposals and make targeted contacts to secure funds.” Tim Mak at Frum Forum has more:

In response to an inquiry, Priebus denied any involvement with the team, despite his name being listed in conjunction with the team on several places on his law firm’s website.

“I have never worked on or been involved with that group or any group that involves stimulus money in any way. I’m not involved with any effort to secure any funds from the stimulus bill, period. I have discovered that the link on my bio page was put there in error. The link will also be removed as soon as possible,” he said to FrumForum.

Priebus’ assertion comes despite the fact that the ‘Stimulus and Economic Recovery’ is listed as one of his services on his biography; his co-authorship of four client alert briefings for the Stimulus and Economic Recovery Team; and his name listed on the announcement of the creation of the team.

“I’m co chair of the Government Practice Group, so my guess is that I was simply listed,” said Priebus.


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