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Rnc Kool-Aid

Washington Post TV writer Lisa DeMoraes continues pounding the idea that only the RNC protested the planned CBS airing of “The Reagans,” but today she adds a nice Jonestown twist, just weeks after the 25th anniversary of that mass suicide:

“A mere1.15 million people bothered to watch the new movie, which found itself on the Viacom-owned pay cable network after the chief of Viacom-owned CBS drank a big glass of Republican National Committee Kool-Aid, abruptly decided that the project he had ordered for the November sweep, the period when stations use ratings to set ad prices, was insufficiently flattering toward the former president, and cut bait.”

For a roundup on the Showtime panel discussion, in which liberal former Washington Post reporter Lou Cannon suggests “It’s hard to imagine a cartoon that could be that bad” at portraying Reagan, see here.

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