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Wait, That Will Destroy the Party?

An unnamed Republican National Committee member to NBC News discussing whether the RNC could alter the nominating rules to allow a candidate who didn’t run for president to be considered if no candidate wins the needed 1,237 delegates:

Another committee member said creating a path for a new candidate would lead to a party meltdown.

“Change the rules drastically you will have a problem,” said the insider, who requested anonymity to discuss controversial convention scenarios. “You want to have World War III and destroy the party?”

Wait, that would destroy the party? Has this RNC member looked around lately?

In the exit polls of the five states that voted Friday, only 52 percent of Republicans said they would definitely vote for Trump if he was the nominee, and 27 percent said they wouldn’t vote for him.  Earlier this month, the previous nominee gave a lengthy speech denouncing the current front-runner. Trump is saying that if he doesn’t get the nomination, there will be riots.

The current polling points to Hillary Clinton beating Trump in a landslide – both in the overall popular vote and in the key swing states. Without a united party, the chances of the GOP control of the U.S. Senate dwindle. (Good luck, endangered GOP incumbents in Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, and ) Charlie Cook just moved ten 2016 House races towards the Democrats.

A rules change would “destroy the party”? The Republican Party is halfway destroyed already. This is like worrying about a paper cut exacerbating a patient’s Ebola symptoms. 


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