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RNC Starts ‘I Stand With Cory’ Petition

Seems safe to assume that Newark Democratic mayor Cory Booker did not intend his Meet the Press appearance yesterday — when he argued that the Obama attacks on Bain, a company that had “done a lot to support businesses” was something he was “very uncomfortable with” to become a fundraising tool for Republicans.

After his MTP appearance, Booker filmed a 4-minute video that made clear he was okay with the Obama campaign discussing Romney’s record, but did not specifically rescind his concerns about how Bain was being attacked. Morning Joe’s Joe Scarborough dubbed that clip a “hostage video,” and now the RNC is jumping on the bandwagon, launching a “I Stand With Cory” petition, with the tagline “Don’t Let the Obama Campaign Silence Support for Job Creation.” The RNC also is fundraising off the Booker incident, per BuzzFeed.

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