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RNC Suspense: Will Cruz’s Name be Placed Into Nomination?

CLEVELAND — We might soon witness a final bit of procedural drama here at the Republican National Convention.

According to multiple GOP sources, a faction of Ted Cruz loyalists is weighing whether to formally enter his name into nomination during Tuesday evening’s session. As with yesterday’s revolt against the rules package, such a maneuver has the potential to embarrass presumptive nominee Donald Trump — as well as the party leadership — but not wrest the nomination from him.

If Cruz supporters follow through, the roll-call vote nominating Trump for president would slow to a crawl as each state would need to temporarily “pass” on its vote in order to poll their delegates. Once the numbers are tallied, the roll-call would begin anew, with every vote for Cruz being recorded by the convention secretary. The practical effect: Trump would wrap up the nomination after an ugly, prolonged vote rather than the quick, clean process that party officials are desperate for.

Here’s the catch: The decision to proceed with placing a candidate’s name into nomination typically hinges on their approval. And Cruz’s team has made clear in recent weeks that they want nothing to do with this maneuver. The fact that some of his supporters are nonetheless agitating for it speaks volumes about the frustrations anti-Trump delegates are feeling this week. 

Whether or not Cruz’s name is placed into nomination, look for the states to manipulate the roll-call vote — by passing, if necessary — so that New York, Trump’s home state, is the delegation that puts him over the 1,237 mark needed to officially secure the nomination.


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