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RNC Trolls Vulnerable Dems with ‘Lie of the Year’ Award

A handful of Democratic Hill offices received unpleasant awards this morning. In a victory lap of sorts, staffers from the RNC made the rounds in House and Senate office buildings to deliver Lie of the Year trophies to the offices of Democratic senators and congressmen who told their constituents Politifact’s Lie of the Year: that they would be able to keep their insurance plans if they liked them. The plastic trophies were engraved with the name of each recipient as well as “LIE OF THE YEAR.” And the delivery process — part of which National Review Online tagged along for – was a little awkward.

Rebecca Coffman, a press assistant at the RNC, posed for a photo holding the trophy outside Senator Mary Landrieu’s office before presenting it to one of her staffers. “We’d like to present Senator Landrieu with the Lie of the Year award on behalf of the Republican National Committee,” she said.

“Ok,” said the staffer.

“For lying to her constituents about keeping their plans–”

“Alright,” he said.

“On behalf of the Republican National Committee,” she concluded.

Another staffer laughed. “That’s pretty funny!” he said.

“It is,” said the first.

Others were less appreciative.

The receptionist for Senator Mark Begich, a vulnerable Alaska Democrat, was particularly unamused. “You’re kind of a jerk,” he told Coffman after accepting the trophy. “Thanks.”

Most of the other recipients just smirked and said thanks. Senators Jeanne Shaheen, Jeff Merkley, Mark Pryor, Mark Warner, Mark Udall, and Kay Hagan were all recipients of the award, as well. And on the House side, Representatives Tim Bishop (D., N.Y.), Bruce Braley (D., Iowa), Gary Peters (D., Mich.), and Nick Rahall (D., W.V.) also got the prize. 

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