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Enviros Attack Conservative Congressman with Debate Ad Buys

During Tuesday night’s Fox Business GOP debate, Lefties operating the cowboy-sounding Western Values Project (WVP) ran ads targeting Representative Rob Bishop, the Utah Republican who chairs the House Natural Resources Committee (he’s also written for National Review). His sin? He is seeking to reform the somewhat corrupt and gone-astray Land and Water Conservation Fund (LWCF), which expired in September. (WVP’s six-figure adcampaign will also run hit representatives Dan Benishek, Tom MacArthur, and Dan Newhouse, all Natural Resources Committee members.) 

The LWCF was created in 1964 as a state/federal project to see that recreational land was made available to citizens. Over time, the fund has become a vital financial tool for environmental groups, and is used by liberals to further the federal government’s insatiable land-grabbing — land often purchased directly from these same “conservation” cabals (i.e., another means of taxpayer money filling the coffers of the Left).

You’ll find a great explanation of the LWCF legacy here, as well as information on Bishop’s proposed liberal-maddening bill, the Protecting America’s Recreation and Conservation (PARC) Act, which will try to restore the fund to its original recreational intent.

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