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Rob Ford ‘A Little Upset’ after Appearance on Jimmy Kimmel

After Toronto mayor Rob Ford’s embarrassing appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live! last night, Canadians are asking, “Is the U.S. laughing with us or at us?

Kimmel encouraged Ford to seek help for his substance-abuse problems, saying that getting help “is nothing to be ashamed of” and that it might set a good example for other people with similar issues.

In 2013, Ford drew media attention for his conflict-of-interest trial, public drunkenness, and admitting to using crack cocaine “in one of my drunken stupors,” among other blunders. 

Kimmel stood Ford next to a monitor and reviewed the mayor’s worst social-media moments. Ford sweated profusely throughout the interview, and at one point Kimmel wiped Ford’s face.

After the interview, Ford was said by his brother to be “a little upset,” and a reporter overheard Ford himself saying that he had been “set up” by Kimmel.


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