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Morneau is AL MVP.

UPDATE: Lots of e-mails like this from aggrieved Twins fans (I wasn’t really serious about the “robbed!!!” by the way, which I knew would stoke up the Yankee haters):


Don’t you just hate that media bias toward Minnesota?  I mean, sure Morneau’s team won almost as many games as the Yankees with 1/4th the salary.  Sure Morneau hit more home runs, drove in more runs, and hit for almost as high an average as Jeter.  And sure he did this surrounded by the likes of Michael Cuddyer, Rondell White, and Jason Tyner, while Jeter hit in a line up with Bobby Abreau, Alex Rodriguez, Garry Sheffield, Hideki Matsui, Jason Giambi, and Jorge Posada.  But we all know that Derek Jeter was robbed of the MVP because people don’t pay enough attention to the Yankees.  I mean, sure, they are on ESPN and Fox for a combined three times a week it seems for the whole country to see while the Twins were on ESPN maybe once a month.  But we all know Jeter was robbed. 

Listen to Mr. Galileo, Rich. The earth does not revolve around New York. 


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