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Roberts: ‘Were the Books Cooked’ in CBO’s Early Obamacare Estimates?

Senator Pat Roberts (R., Kan.) called for investigative hearings of the Congressional Budget Office for its initial projections of the Affordable Care Act, which significantly underestimated the impact and cost of the law. Had the agency more accurately assessed the law, it probably never would have passed in 2010, Roberts asserted.

“We must ask the question, the difficult question, an unfortunate question: Was this political? Were the books cooked?” he said on the Senate floor. In 2010, the CBO estimated the law would lead to 800,000 fewer workers in the upcoming decade; earlier this week, in a new report, it said the equivalent of more than 2 million workers would be lost.

“We must have accurate estimates of the cost and benefits of the legislation so we can do our jobs,” Roberts continued. He called on the CBO to come before the Senate Finance Committee, which he serves on: “Let the hearings begin, let the CBO provide answers.”

Via the Hill.


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