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Rocker on His ‘Food-Stamp Binge’: ‘It Looks Like a Good Time, Man’

Jason Greenslate, a 29-year-old aspiring rock star who gained attention last year for using food stamps to buy luxury foods, responded to his critics, who say he is gaming the system to subsidize his struggles as a  musician. “Just because my job is cooler than your job, people are a little more jealous than anything,” he told Fox News.

Greenslate, who at one point in the segment was shown arriving at a San Diego strip club in a Cadillac Escalade, dismissed the idea of getting a job to provide for himself, saying it would get in the way of his music. He’s confident millions of dollars will “start flowing in” once his band makes it big. “Why else would I be doing it?” he said.

Greenslate hopes to be off of food stamps within the year, but, for the time being, he says he is doing his part to “bring smiles” to the world as he uses government assistance to get by. He says of his current way of life, “it looks like a good time, man.”

“You can portray it however you want, but when it comes down to things, we’re all about playing music,” he added.


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