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Rockets from Gaza

From the Jerusalem Post:

If the rocket that crashed into the bus stop outside Daniel Ohayon’s kiosk in Netivot around 7:30 Monday morning had landed only an hour later, a busload of kids could have lost their lives, Ohayon told The Jerusalem Post.

“Around 8:30 a.m., the bus stop is full of kids waiting to get taken to school, if the rocket had fallen then, there would have been a bus full of kids where it landed,” Ohayon said, adding that he was at home when the rocket hit, and found out when he checked an Internet news site and saw a picture of his store beneath the headline “Rocket strike in Netivot.”

Palestinians in the Gaza Strip fired some 20 rockets and mortars into southern Israel on Monday, injuring four people and leaving 43 others suffering from shock.


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