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Rodman: Kim Jong Un ‘My F***ing Friend, I Love Him’

Dennis Rodman continued to emphasize his bizarre affection for North Korea’s Kim Jong Un, even when pressed about the dictator’s atrocities. While in Beijing with seven other former NBA players en route to Pyongyang to take part in an exhibition game for Kim’s birthday, Sky News confronted the Worm about why his “friend for life” has locked up 200,000 people in North Korean prison camps.

Rodman asserted that it wasn’t his “job” to address those concerns with Kim, but hoped that his involvement arranging the game could “open the doors” to negotiations for those in a better position to handle it. He said bringing the subject of prison camps up would infringe on the nature of their friendship.

“That’s not the right thing to do,” Rodman said. “He’s my friend first — he’s my friend, I don’t give a s***. I tell the world: he’s my f***ing friend, I love him.”

At one point, as the reporter continued to challenge the former NBA star about Kim’s murderous regime, Rodman tried to deflect pressure off of Kim by claiming that “a lot of people in America locked up like that too.”

Via Mediaite.


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