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Rogan Pushes Back

Joe Rogan on The Joe Rogan Experience (via YouTube)

This was a really revealing clip.

Millions of people have been prescribed Ivermectin by doctors, under the theory that it has demonstrable antiviral effects. But because a few people seem to have bought out a horse dewormer that contains Ivermectin in it — the FDA and mainstream media went all in describing people who took Ivermectin as people who were taking horse paste.

Now, maybe Ivermectin isn’t all that effective on COVID. Most people recover from COVID and if you take Ivermectin during that process you may falsely attribute recovery to the drug itself. That’s all hearsay.

The interesting question is: Why do people in medical and media institutions think it is helpful to lie about such things? Why do it when obvious lies are so shattering of their credibility? You can see Dr. Gupta struggle with an answer to that.


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