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Rogers: Islamic State ‘One Plane Ticket Away’ from U.S., Obama Administration Is Not Configured to Disrupt Islamic State Terrorism

On NBC’s Meet the Press, House Intelligence Committee chairman Mike Rogers (R., Mich.) warned that the Islamic State is “one plane ticket away from U.S. shores.” “We’re just not configured, we the United States intelligence services and Department of Defense and administrative policy, is not configured in a way to continue a tempo that allows disruption,” Rogers said. “The reason ISIS is so successful is there was nothing deterring them for years.”

Rogers said the U.S. might be safe if it can maintain its defensive posture, but noted that the Islamic State gets new recruits every day. He said the Obama administration’s efforts during the last year have caused a problem and said the U.S. has missed dozens of opportunities to eliminate terrorists from the battlefield. He went on to say he thinks the United States has the capability to defeat the Islamic State, but now needs to employ the political will and policy that would do so.


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