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Roman Holiday

Rome — what a horrible place! Dirty and ill-kempt, the food lousy, the

subway filthy, hot and slow, the antiquities in sorry shape and without

anything in the way of location guides or descriptive plaques (try finding

the Temple of Cybele), the heat insufferable. The few locals who have not

decamped for the month of August are nice enough, but the place is addled

with pickpockets from Eastern Europe and North Africa. We actually had a

bag stolen our first hour in the city — nothing critical, just some clothes

and a camcorder. The camcorder had a tape in it with my son’s last music

recital on it, that’s the only thing I’ll miss. The police displayed

wellnigh uncontrollable lack of interest. I hate Rome.

Tomorrow to the Borghese & Vatican City. I may feel better then. I have

never actually seen the Bernini Apollo/Daphne. If it’s half as lovely as

thye reproductions, it will make up for losing Danny’s piano recital.

Danny, who is immensely knowledgable about antiquity as a result of having

played the Age of Empires computer game, was tickled pink to see “SPQR” on

the manhole covers.

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