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From Mike Littwin of the Denver Post:

For Obama, who promised change and transparency and a better style of politics, this is an embarrassment. But that’s it. If you want a crisis, go to the Gulf Coast. Sestak-gate does not qualify.

Which brings up the burning question for those of us who live in Colorado: Why hasn’t someone explained this concept to U.S. Senate candidate Andrew Romanoff?

Sestak non-gate is turning into Romanoff-gate because Romanoff, whose entire campaign is based on the notion that he is a different kind of candidate — free of Washington and corporate influence — will not answer the simplest of questions:

Was he, in fact, offered a job by the Obama administration to try to keep him out of a primary race with Michael Bennet?

The question comes up because The Post’s Michael Riley wrote a piece last September in which it was suggested that Jim Messina, the White House deputy chief of staff, did offer up job suggestions to Romanoff for just that purpose.

But Romanoff won’t answer the question. And it’s worse than that. According to Romanoff spokesman Roy Teicher, not only does Romanoff refuse to answer the question, he won’t even say why he refuses to answer the question.

As with Sestak, it’s the evasiveness that’s troubling.


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