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Romney and Climate Change

I think it was Denis Healey, the British politician, who is credited with the “First Law of Holes,” which goes: If you’re in one, stop digging. Mitt Romney hasn’t yet mastered this with Romneycare obviously, and a few days ago he started digging himself a new hole with his improvident remarks on climate change. Rush has already stuck a fork in him, and the RINO hunters are charging again.

Hugh Hewitt posted on his blog a specific request for me to offer some thoughts on how Romney, and other candidates, ought to think and speak about this issue, and I have obliged with a very long post over on Powerline, which I invite Romney’s team to ponder before they keep digging their hole deeper. Romney’s basic mistake here, as I say toward the end, is that he lent aid and comfort to a dying agenda. 


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