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Romney and the Ryan Plan

As Bob noted, the Romney campaign is beginning their offensive against Newt Gingrich by talking about his remark earlier this year that he opposed “right wing social engineering” when responding to a line of questions addressing Paul Ryan’s plan.

But while Romney never criticized Ryan’s plan, he didn’t immediately embrace it, either. In late May — a couple of weeks after Gingrich made the now-infamous comment on Meet the Press, Romney refused to give a definite position on the Ryan plan. 

“Romney was asked by a reporter during a stop in a Des Moines suburb whether he would sign the Republican plan if he were president,” the Associated Press reported. “But the former Massachusetts governor declined to answer. ‘That’s the kind of speculation that is getting the cart ahead of the horse,’ he said.”

But in early June, Romney had a warmer attitude toward the Ryan plan, saying he would sign it. From ABC News:


On health care, Romney responded “yes” when asked if he would sign the plan written by Rep. Paul Ryan that would restructure Medicare if it reached his desk as President, but quickly added that he would be offering his own plan.

“His plan is not the plan I’ll put forward, I have my own plan,” said Romney. 

Meanwhile, the Romney campaign is now highlighting the Wall Street Journal editorial saying Romney’s Medicare plan makes him a “bolder reformer” on the issue than Gingrich, whose plan isn’t as well-liked by the Journal.

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