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Romney Camp Courts Bachmann

Bachmann sources tell me that Charlie Black, the longtime GOP power broker and Romney backer, is reaching out to the Minnesotan, urging her to back the former Massachusetts governor. But Bachmann has rebuffed the overtures, sources say.

“We’re not endorsing anyone,” one source says. “They’re trying to get us to sign on, but there has been no commitment on our end. She will not endorse before South Carolina, she probably won’t endorse before Florida, and she may not endorse even when the likely nominee emerges.”

Bachmann has mixed feelings, sources say, about the remaining contenders. She respects aspects of Ron Paul’s fiscal arguments, but she has problems with his foreign-policy positions. She agrees with Rick Santorum on social issues, but she has concerns about his congressional spending record. And she is unenthusiastic about both Gingrich and Romney.

“She’s listening but she’s doing things slowly right now,” the source explains.

Bachmann is also keeping an eye on her congressional seat. Sources says she will “probably” run for reelection but her final decision will depend on how the district is drawn by state legislators. “Unless it’s really nasty looking, or it becomes a Saint Paul seat, I bet she runs,” says one insider.

In coming days, expect Bachmann to reach out to local reporters, giving them a chance to interview her. But for now, she’ll keep a low profile. After she left the race, Bachmann went to Florida for a week and relaxed. One of the trip’s highlights: spending time with Rush Limbaugh, who was celebrating his birthday.


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