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Romney Camp: Perry ‘GOVERNOR SUB-ZERO’

Rick Perry released a web video this morning that called President Obama “President Zero,” a reference to the zero jobs created in August. Now the Romney campaign has blasted out an e-mail dubbing Perry “Governor Sub-Zero.”

“In his campaign’s latest video, Governor Perry criticizes President Obama for an economy that added zero jobs in August, yet Texas added even fewer and has over a million people unemployed,” said Romney spokeswoman Andrea Saul in a statement. “This election is about choices – and voters will have the opportunity to choose between Mitt Romney, a conservative businessman, or Rick Perry, a career politician whose own state’s unemployment rate has doubled on his watch and is the worst in the region.” 

At the time the Texas job numbers were initially released — which showed Texas losing 1,300 jobs in August — Perry communications director Ray Sullivan said in a statement, “Texas is not immune to the effects of the national recession. Yet Texas continues to outperform the rest of the country and is still home to roughly 40% of the net new jobs created nationwide since June 2009.”

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