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Romney Catching Up To Obama in Iowa

From Public Policy Polling:

PPP’s newest Iowa poll finds Barack Obama’s lead in the state declining all the way to two points. He’s at 47% to 45% for Mitt Romney. In July we found Obama ahead 48-43 and in May it was 51-41. . . .

If wind energy ends up being a defining issue for Iowa voters that will be good news for Obama’s prospects in the state. 54% of voters support the tax credit for wind energy production companies to only 26% who oppose it. Among independents support is 58/25. 68% of voters say they consider wind energy to be an important issue, including 29% of voters who say that it’s ‘very important.’ When asked which Presidential candidate they trust more on wind energy Obama beats Romney 47-37. In a state that looks like a sheer toss up this could end up being a defining issue.

I wrote about the wind-energy issue last week. Iowa Republicans seem to think that while many voters disagree with Romney’s position (he opposes extending the tax credits), this won’t be the issue that decides whom they vote for in November.

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