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Romney, Gingrich Top Poll, Cain Sinks

Results from new CNN/ORC poll of Republicans: Mitt Romney (24 percent), Newt Gingrich (22 percent), Herman Cain (14 percent), Rick Perry (12 percent), Ron Paul (8 percent), Michele Bachmann (6 percent), Jon Huntsman and Rick Santorum (3 percent). 

Among Republicans, Gingrich has the highest favorables (61 percent), followed by Romney (55 percent), and Cain (47 percent). 

When all voters are polled, 52 percent think that the sexual harassment allegations against Cain is a serious issue, while 47 percent think the issue has been overblown. Forty-three percent of men are inclined to believe Cain’s version of the story, while 42 percent believe the women who are accusing Cain of sexual harassment. Among women, there’s a much wider gap: 58 percent are inclined to believe the women and 24 percent trust Cain. 

In a general election matchup, Obama would beat Cain 53 to 43 percent among registered voters. With Gingrich as the nominee, Obama wins, 53 percent to 45 percent, and with Perry as the nominee, it’s the same result, with Obama at 52 percent to Perry’s 47 percent. Romney would beat Obama, 51 percent to 47 percent. 

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