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Romney: New Tax Plan Can’t Be Scored

Mitt Romney said today that his new tax plan isn’t detailed enough to be scored by outside groups.

“What I put out in my plan is a series of principles that allow our economy to grow and at the same time maintain a neutral budget impact,” Romney said on CNBC today. “And so I haven’t laid out all the details of how we’re going to deal with each one of the deductions and exemptions.”

“I think it’s kind of interesting,” he added, “for the groups to try and score it because frankly it can’t be scored because those kind of details have to be worked out with Congress and we have a wide array of options.”

Romney’s tax plan, which includes a 20 percent cut at all rate levels, relies on having those cuts offset by economic growth and by cutting or eliminating some current deductions. He has stressed he doesn’t want middle class Americans to be impacted by whatever deductions are altered. 

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