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Romney: Obama ‘Out of Touch with Reality’

“I think the president is really out of touch with reality when it comes to what’s happening in the world,” says Mitt Romney. The 2012 GOP presidential nominee listed the regions of the globe in which he sees the president misperceiving the situation.

“He looked at Russia and thought that was a friend we should reset relations with,” Romney said. ”He looked at al-Qaeda and said, they’re on the run. More recently, he looked at ISIS and said, Oh, they’re just the junior varsity. He looks at Iraq and says, Hey, they’re strong and able to care for themselves. Look, he is so out of touch with reality that he hasn’t taken the action necessary to prevent bad things from happening.”

Romney, appearing on Fox News Sunday, summed up the problem pithily: “When America is seen, and when the president is seen, as being weak, bad people do bad things.”


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