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Romney: Perry Has No Experience Turning Around A Bad Situation

In an interview with USA Today, Mitt Romney criticized Rick Perry for having no experience turning around a situation.

If the nation wanted “someone to go along with what’s already in place, I’m sure that Gov. Perry is fine,” Romney said. “If Americans think America needs a turnaround to make our economy globally competitive again and to create jobs, then I think I’m the better choice.”

In contrast, Romney noted that he had experience “in turning things around that are in trouble,” referring to his work including directing the Olympics and governing Massachusetts. “Gov. Perry came into a state that was doing just fine,” Romney observed.

He also criticized Perry’s way of talking about Social Security as “a very disconcerting approach,” and said that the recent publication of Fed Up!, paired with interviews Perry had done, meant Perry’s Social Security position was “cast in concrete.”

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